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I try to extract the value “row(“Boolean_regolarità”).ToString”

from the table in the box.
Why i get blanck value?
How to extract the Boolean_regolarità which is a STING?

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Are you using this expression inside ForEach Row activity or not ?

If not then use it inside ForEach Row activity and also hope you are passing proper Column name.

If you are trying to get row value without for each row activity then go with this approach:
First take assign activity and assign a variable like
Testvariable= datatablename.rows(“0”)(“columnname”).tostring

If you’re using for each row activity then
Assign testvariable=rows.item(“columnname”).tostring

Hope this answers your question…

i hope you must have used this within a FOR EACH ROW loop
else you would have got validation error like that row variable is not declared
–so the only thing we need to check is with the datatable along that column Boolean_regolarità
–may that row of that column might not have a value in it…
to validate that use this message box within a IF condition with condition like this
NOT String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Boolean_regolarità”).ToString)
so only if this condition is true it will get into THEN part where we can have our MESSAGE BOX activity

Hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @CamiCat