1 dimensional array Cannot be Convert to Boolean Error

In web Data table scrapping column 9(Allocated FC)=0.00
then do some action(Action1) if greter than 0.00 then do some action(Action2),.

When i check the If condition getting error?
Any idea how to solve this?

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datatable.select returns an array of datarows. your condition is not correct.

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Can u text ? what r the conditions may possible here?

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what are you trying to achieve?

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pls see this,…

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from what i understood, you’re trying to do something if column-9 is bigger than 0, right?

you could iterate through the datatable using a for each row, then use an if activity with the following condition : cdbl(row(“Column-9”).toString)>0

also, ExtractDataTable.Select("[Column-9]=‘0.00’ OR [Column-9]<>‘0.00’) is redundant (it will select all the rows from the table because every row has column 9 either equal to 0 or not equal to 0)

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yes,. Exactly

all rows from the table then every row has column 9 either equal to 0 or not equal to 0.

If equal to 0 then do some action (print in excel) - this one success
If not equal to 0 then do some action(click) - this one i struggle?

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okay, so you have the datatable ExtractedDataTable right?

now, use a “FOR EACH ROW” activity on ExtractedDataTable.
Inside that, place an “IF” activity with the following condition: cdbl(row(“Column-9”).toString)>0.

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Thank you,. i m trying your comments,.Getting below error,.
I try include for each row

If: Column ‘Column-9’ does not belong to table
pls check attached screen shot,.

Hi @AnithaUi

First use the “Extract Structured Data” activity. You get the result in the form of a DataTable. Then your use the “For each row” activity. And inside this, use “Get Row item” and specify the name or index of the column for which your trying to check the condition. Take the “Get Row item” output variable and check it in your if condition.

Attached is the sample for your referenceDataTableUsageSample.zip (330.2 KB)


Sorry late replying,… Thank you so much !! will let you know,.!

Thank you,. Now works fine :heart_eyes:

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