Extract random information from PDF

I have a question regarding extract a dynamic pdf flow.

Once a while I get a list of pdf files that contains basic information that variates.

I want to extract all information from the every pdf file and assign them to each variable thats the same everytime. Example on the pdf I have insurance, then I want to extract the insurance to the insurance variable everytime ( if the insurance on the pdf are blank) then the variable will be null.
Same goes for the other lines.

I am handing over some pdf files for you to look at so you can see how they differ from eachother

11-20-2019_invoice_4.pdf (63.4 KB) 11-28-2019_invoice_9.pdf (42.9 KB) 11-28-2019_invoice_44.pdf (42.7 KB) 12-05-2019_invoice_74.pdf (42.3 KB)

Hi @langsem,

Please refer the given below link’s & its helpful for you

Its Scanned PDF or protected PDF ?

its not scanned

then you can Use Read PDF File Activity & get the Output as String.

that wont work, as the pdf its not the same from time to time

Can you share the xaml File for the same & i will check from my side.

pdf1.xaml (8.4 KB) 11-28-2019_invoice_2.pdf (42.9 KB) teste.xlsx (8.4 KB)

that one its working, but the problem occurse when the pdf its slighlty different from the previous one. How shall i extract the correct data and pass it to the correct variable? 11-21-2019_invoice_44.pdf (42.2 KB)

Use Matches Activity → https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/matches
For Regex beginner -->Please refer thegiven link → .NET Regex Reference - Regex Storm & its very useful for you.

yes using regex. but regex wont work where the syntax of the pdf its differ from others