Extract data from multiple PDF file

I am trying to extract data from multiple PDF file but some PDF is same data like InvoiceNumber and TaxID but some PDF does not contain(InvoiceNumber and TaxID) so how to extract all the details from different PDF structure.

Can you send a sample pdf file??

Invoice-490892.pdf (28.6 KB)


Here you go…

PDF_Task.xaml (8.7 KB)

Check this workflow,
InvoiceExtraction.xaml (7.5 KB)

I get the file path at runtime so how i use the Read PDF Text activity in this scenario.

Use that pdf file path to read pdf activity.

Hi @maitri

Use variables and pass it dynamically.


strRootFolderPath - C:\Users\36372\Documents\Data
strPDFFileName - Sample.PDF

Concatenate folder path and filename. Pass in filename of read PDF Text activity as strRootFolderPath + strPDFFileName