Extract data table from PDF to Excel



Hi there,

I’ve been searching the forum for a similar issue but without any luck. Please point me in the rigth direction if this issue has already been resolved.

I am trying to extract readable data from a table in a PDF-file to create a similar (but editable) Excel table (see the screenshot below).

I am able to read the data with the Read PDF text acitivity but I am not sure how to proceed from here in terms of converting it to a data table and creating an Excel file with a structured table. I get stuck when passing the output variable between the read and write range activities.

I am still a rookie in UiPath so please be elaborate in your replies.

Thanks in advance.


As you mentioned its Native pdf then use “Data Scraping” wizard .
It directly give you output in datatable which can be used in excel.


I’ve tried that but for some reason I get the error: “This control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell” regardless of what cell in the table I select.

Reading pdf data into excel

could you please attach the pdf.


Sure, thank you.

dno_common_network_asset_indices_methodology_v1.0_0.pdf (1.9 MB)


similar issue for me when i tried to extract the structured data from the pdf :frowning:
error: This control does not support data extraction
@badita can you please guide/help us?


Hello @Mattis,

Where you able to solve this? If yes, can you please help me out too. I have to extract a table ranging multiple pages into an excel sheet.


Is it possible to extract data from pdf & create excel in another way


@K.VARUN_Kumar Did you find any way to read table from pdf?