Extract Keys from JSON

I have a JSON like below,
“1”: 10,
“2”: 5,
“3”: 1,
“4”: 4,
“5”: 25

I need to extract the Key alone (i.e. “1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”) in a array of strings. I used Deserialize JSON to convert into JSON Object. I can get the values using the JSON OBJECT and the Key by hardcoding it. But I need to get those Keys in a array of strings before that.
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So you have your SampleJObject (type JObject).
Then you take your SampleListOfKeys (type String[ ])
and you assign it = SampleJObject.Properties.Select(Function (x) x.Name).ToArray


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@lukasziebold Brilliant mate…It worked…Thank you…But just curious about this works …Can you be lil elaborate on this
SampleJObject.Properties.Select(Function (x) x.Name).ToArray

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Too kind, sir! Happy to help!

I’m not an expert on this, but let me try.

The JObect has a bunch of properties. These apply to all the JTokens in the JObject. By selecting only the Name property with Function (x) x.name, we get a collection of Name properties of all the JTokens, which are the key names.

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