Extract Information from Get text Full Element

hey there!! I’m a fresh rpa developer and I encountered a problem while doing the hashing password exercise. The client information (numberID, name and country), they are all inside an element. So when I try to extract them using “GET TEXT” i can only get all of the three together and I want to extract one by one to assign to different variables. Screenshot below:

Can someone help me please? I would be very thankful!!

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Okay…let me try and answer your question now:

You can also take a look here at this post (I had the same question :blush: )
Capture Selector and convert to String Variable - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

If you are still having trouble, open “Ui Explorer” from Studio. Indicate the element and paste the results back here?

From there we just need to find the relevant attribute’s name and insert this into the “Get Attribute” activity.

If you are still stuck, let me know :slight_smile:




please refer from this workflow
System1_ExtractClientInformation.xaml (10.2 KB)


Hello there Steven! :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your availability!

Regarding the question, perhaps I did not make myself clear, but right below, our uipath comrade (fernando_zuluaga), could help me.

thank you anyway:)

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Thankyou! this was the answer! i’m doing the advanced exercise aswell:) thanks buddy

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Hey @Margarida_Ferreira

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