Capture Selector and convert to String Variable

Hi All

I feel like this should be an easy one to answer…

I am trying to:

  1. obtain a selector as a string,
  2. clean it up and,
  3. save it as a variable for use later in my workflow.

I can handle the clean up and save it as a variable, just unsure how to get the selector as a string.

I am trying to grab the “name” selector in my example. The application in this instance is MS Word.

The selector will look like this:
<uia cls=‘NetUIStickyButton’ name=‘ is signed in’ />

I want to extract: is signed in”

Any help is appreciated




Use Get Attribute activity and provide attribute as name to fetch the name from it.

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Thank you @lakshman :slight_smile:

I guess I didn’t know how to use Get Attribute correctly :upside_down_face: I had it open already but couldn’t see that exact selector as an option in the drop down. I didn’t realise you could just type in a selector that wasn’t in the drop down :sweat_smile:


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