Extract datatable wizard taking wrong data

Hi all,

II need help with extracting data from table in application. Here is picture of the table from which I need to extract data, but when I choose data for extracting wizard constantly recognizes that table has just one row with 9 columns, which refers on first row in which buttons for filtering the table are located

How can I adjust selectors that he takes data from second row and so on.Thanks!


Try clicking on the second row instead of first row in wizard and check…may br those teo are teo different tables in the backend code


I tried that and it did not work, wizard recognizes table with column names, and only data which he recognizes in it is second row with filters, rest of the data does not exist for him.



Just to confirm did you click on the row saying processed


Yes I did that, but unfortunately did not work.

Try to open ui explorer and see whats the selectors available for row 2 (Starting with Processed). See if there is any table row property and or any other which can be modified and used.