Extract data using data scrapping along with the columns and Filter data table

Hi, I’m trying toe extract the data from the multiple webpages using the Data scrapping, but it is not including the column headers using the below selector. I want to filter the datatable using wizard, please advise me on this.


Are you indicated column headers of the data in webpage or not ?

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Yes I did, Lakshman.


Is it possible to access that web page from my side ?

yes Lakshman, I’m trying in the ACME-TEST url only. Is it possible to have a quick call to discuss on this issue. My number is 9916084282. Thanks in advance.


Please find the attached workflow.

Test2.xaml (7.3 KB)

Hi Lakshman,

I copied this activity into my project, still same.I don’t see column headings when i write it to excel.

Hi @Ramki81

1.I have attached the zip folder which will give a clarity to your requirement.
2.Kindly make sure that: write range activity–> properties -->check add headers
in order to display the headers on top of the excel file.

ColumnHeadings.zip (9.1 KB)