Extract data from specific cells from excel and store in google form

I want to extract specific cell value from excel and then store these data in the form created in google forms. All the fields must be extracted i.e. every field value is mandatory. Please help me!!

Attached is the image.
I want to extract the highlighted values and store these value in the google forms

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Could you please share the Excel File

Chethan P

Sample Input_All.xlsx (9.5 KB)
please find the excel file.

Ok i will get back with solution

Hear is the solution
I use like this you can use lookup data also or read cell also you can use did you observe the dell name its increment two so use the logic count two and inside for each you can get the data.

hear am use if condition if it null it wont read that data for this you can use LINQ code also for huge of data cell range is between B3:D13

Form Question 2.zip (10.2 KB)

Or you can use this also

Opdata=OpData.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (r) Not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(r(2).ToString)).CopyToDataTable

If you get the solution mark it as solution and close the thread :beer:

Chethan P

Thank you so much,it worked

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i am getting the data, can you please tell me how to put the extracted data to queue. Only the values and not the field name into queue…I am new to uipath so still exploring things

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