UiPath Excel Data Extraction Based on Value



Hello, I am having problem to finding all the row value of A in Excel and place into another Excel sheet… Anyone please Help me to solve this problem …


Hi @Arunachalam,

Can you please elaborate it ?



I would like to know how to retrieve the row using the value and column field.
For E.g, 1st row has the value ‘A’ and ‘WO’ with different column names(1F,2st,3S).
I want to iterate each row and column if the given value ‘A’ exist then I need to get the columns accordingly which has the value ‘A’.
Now I need the row with the value ‘A’ and column (1F,4M,5T,6W,7Th and so on) and write it in new sheet.


Can you try this.

Read the data into the datatable.

 rowIndex =(dt.Rows.IndexOf(dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) String.Join("", 



Hi Balamurugan,

I have Tried your query but it’s not working… This is my Excel file. please check and let me know.

MainFile.xlsx (11.8 KB)


Hi @Arunachalam,

Please check this.

Arunnachallam.zip (11.7 KB)



Hi Balamurugan,

I have checked your file. But my actual requirement is,

  1. loop will go for 1st row, check whether row Value is “A” . and get that row cell and column Name paste into new Sheet.

Can you please check this.
MainFile.xlsx (12.7 KB)