Extract Data from Multiple Hyperlinks

I have a list of hyperlinks that I need to click through and extract data and then export it to excel. Could you take a look at my process and provide me with any guidance you can.Main.xaml (21.1 KB)

this is the website I am working with: TSBPA - Welcome to Texas State Board of Public Accountancy

I need to click each blue link, extract the table data, return back to the list of blue links and repeat.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

@uidonna.jones Hi Can you please share the screenshot of the XAML file.

I am so sorry for the late response, I have just been able to get back to this. Here is my screenshot:

I have also added a copy of the xml (used StudioX Community)Extract.Data.to.Excel.Help.1.0.1.nupkg (74.2 KB) Tuesdayv1.1.0.2.nupkg (74.2 KB)

Any help will be greatly appreciated