EXTRACT DATA from list of links

I am trying to extract data from a website. the website has a list of links and I need to click each one and pull the data into excel. How do I make it go from one link to the next. this is the website TSBPA - Welcome to Texas State Board of Public Accountancy

Hy @uidonna.jones, please check my workflow

ScrapeTest.zip (142.1 KB)

The key point here is to catch the ‘href’ property of each link and concatenate to form the url


Thanks for responding. However I can’t open the zip file, I am using SudioX, do I have to downgrade to open the file

Hy, even if you are not going to use my workflow you could just momentarily change from studio x to studio so you can check my logic and apply it on studio.
It was a bit challenging to me, you you like it :slight_smile:

Hy @uidonna.jones,

Did you manage to get it right?

Sorry I had been out but I will try it today and let you know

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Thanks, I was able to switch to Studio and and it worked, but that is not what I wanted… I need to open the link and copy the information on the about the firm to an excel spreadsheet, then come back to the list, and click on the next link, open and copy the information to excel and continue. The firm names I am going to look is extensive, like for 3 states so that is why I am trying to figure out how to create a robot for this tedious process. Thanks any additional help will be greatly appreciated

I was able to use your process after all. It works very well, however the links do not come into excel as hypelinks, it is just texl until i click in each one to make it a hypelink… is there a way to automate that?

Hy @uidonna.jones,

I am glad you like it and manage to work it out!
Unfortunalty the data table can only be pasted as plain text in excel :frowning:

Could you please mark my solution as final solution? Thank you

Sure, I will… but are you saying there is no way to automate the process that will make the path a hypelink in excel?


So sorry, at leat for know just plain text.
You got 99% what you want at least :slight_smile:


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