Extract data from multiple excel files to one

It is necessary to extract data from several cells of excel files into one. It was possible to implement reading cells, but the writing is incorrect, since it writes only the last value. Help me please. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @sereganator, are u reading the cell from each excel cell and writing to CardsClient.xlsx?

I am reading a fixed cell (E11) from multiple excel files. It needs to be written to CardsClient. But only the last value is recorded.

Then do this way

  1. First use assign activity to get list of filepath from folder using directory.GetFiles(filepath) assign to ListFiles array

  2. Then assign a string variable lets say strvar with value as “”

  3. then use for each to loop through each file in listFiles array

inside the for each do the following
a. First read the cell and store in Limit variable
b. then use assign activity like this strvar = strvar+Limit

Then after exiting the loop use write cell to write the strvar variable to the excel file u need to write

Hope it helps you

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Nived N
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