Excel Extraction

I have around 50 excels in a folder containing data. Now i have to extract data from each excel data and store all the values in another excel one by one.Please help

Hi @Thilagavathy_Manivan

  • Use Directory.getfiles(“YourFolderPath”) It will give you the array of String which Contains your Excel Files.
  • Then use For each To Iterate File one by one.
  • Inside the for each use Excel Application scope.
  • Read the File and convert it in datatable using Read Range.
  • And write the data using Write Range,
    Thanks & Regards
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Thanks I will try

I have created build data table with around 15 data labels, inside for each i have given excel application scope inside which i have provided add data row. here I dnt know how to provide vaues for it.If possible can u send me a sample flow.

You can add data in Datatable Using Add Data row As follow

  • If you Have data row then You can directly mention it in Data row property.
  • If You have values in multiple variables and want to add it in Data table then add it as a Array of Object {Var1, Var2, Var3}
  • Just mention the datatable where you want to add the data in Datatable.

Thanks I will try and update you