Extract Data from IPDF files? how

I have IPDF files (consider it as a bill) from where I need to extract information like Account Number, Bill ID, payment type, date, etc.
I have tried to use read text file activity it’s not showing the info that I need.
Is there a way to read ipdf files ? or any workaround

Thank you
Basit Xe

HI @Basit_Xe

Have you tried with read pdf text?

search in activities if the activity Is not available go to manage packages and search for PDF in official packages and install that

And sorry for this do we have an extension like ipdf because I am not aware of that


Hi @Basit_Xe,

This task can be performed through the Document Understanding process and there are three ways.

  1. Through Regex
  2. Through Form Extraction
  3. Through Machine Learning

Let us know whether the PDF files have the same template and only the values changes?


Thank you so much for you’re methods and these templates are IPDF not pdf.
so when I open it, the files open as an HTML form.

The IPDF files only have the values change and its structured data

the read pdf text activity won’t work with IPDF files and I couldn’t find any package for IPDF.
but I am able to open those IPDF files in google chrome as HTML form.


Please refer to the below threads and choose the best suited one.

RegEx Based Extractor (uipath.com)

Intelligent Form Extractor (uipath.com)

Machine Learning Extractor (uipath.com)



Can you please share a sample PDF, which would be easy to proceed further?


Okay, so you can open it in chrome right?

Have you tried screen scraping or data scrapping on that page?


Yeap, I have found the solution as you said, open browser and use get text activity,
it worked with it and If there is another way around to make the automation much faster without opening browser, by just reading IPDF files it would be fantastic

and Thank you @90s_Developer & @Sudharsan_Ka for great support

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Sorry I can’t it is confidential file

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