Read PDF Text Only extract certain data


I am using the read pdf text activity to extract data from a report and write it to a text file.
When I look at the extracted data I can see some numbers are missing.

Data I am trying to extract:


Its extracting the decimal point but not the figures.

Can someone please guide me on this.

Kind Regards,

Hello @Pranav_Samant ,

Can you share the pdf , if possible?

I saw this behavior for files that are created with Adobe Pro, with editable fields.
The solution on that case was to reprint the form, and after that UiPath was able to extract all the info.


Hi @Pranav_Samant this looks like a document with fixed format , where only values change. Please try using UiPath Document Understanding to extract data. You will be able to extract it properly using intelligent form extractor.

Can you convert your PDF into Document and see those numbers get visible or not.
If visible then there might some issue in PDF to Text converter… if not visible then those financial figures are encrypted by PDF security.