Extract All Pages using Table Extraction which doesn't have hyperlink to Next Button

Hi all,

Need to Extract All Pages in a website using Table Extraction which doesn’t have hyperlink to Next Button

Is there any way to achieve it.

Thanks in advance.

How do you get to the ‘next page’ manually?

By clicking the number hyperlink manually

like page 2 hyperlink
and page 3 link


Check the page hyperlink…

Copy it and paste it in the notepad. Do the same for page 3. Compare 2 hyperlinks… if you find any similar changes we can use navigate to activity…

And we can extract the data…


Try to extract the URL as well while scraping…

Then use navigate to…

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Hi Naini,

Thanks for ur reply,

For the Hyperlink page 2 and For the Hyperlink page strong text3

selector, text* I opened it in UIExplorer and selected the attributes needed for me and validated correctly**strong text****strong *

After that I changed the innertext value to a variable ( i ) which I assigned i value as 2 and incremented by 1. so that for the next time it can take value 3 for the innertext…

Here it is able to click Hyperlink Page 2 but not clicking Hyperlink Page3 and throwing me error

Can u guide me in this one.


Got it now, by changing selecting only strict selector and omitting fuzzy and other selectors.

What I came to know from Nani is first and foremost we need to copy all the selectors in word and analyze it before doing anything

Thanks a lot Nani.

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