Extract all browser items in different pages

Hello friends,
Hello friends,
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I have this situation.

I need to extract all the 22 elements from a table which is distribuited in 3 different pages.
The table has a maximum of 10 rows per page.
How can i implement a workflow so that:

  1. i get the total number of elements
    2)I extract the first 10 elements
  2. when I reach the 10th element I press on the button for moving on the next page?

Can you share me a sample workflow?
Thank you,

@CamiCat The data Scraping wizard has an option to collect data over multiple pages - click that, then select which element moves you to the next page, and it will pull everything to a DataTable variable.

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Thsnk you @sagacity,
unfortunately the option to collect data over multiple pages doesn’t work for this page :frowning:Can you please help me?

@CamiCat - Without knowing the page, I don’t think I can. The best I can offer is that you would need to have a loop with a counter, and after the counter reaches 10, make the button push, reset counter and continue.

Why doesn’t the option work? When asked, click on the button as the “Next Link Selector” - the activity should do the rest.

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