Extract data spanning over multiple pages

As you in the above screenshot the table is spanning over for 18 pages which is in the page (1 of 3), for data scrapping how to move to next pages for both option
I need to move 18 pages after that i want to move to 2nd page


Click on that Arrow (>)…

When we completed the scraping part the wizard asking us to choose the next page at that time you have to indicate it on the > arrow…

This will keep on moves to the next pages


but there is two arrows there one is for 18 pages and another for 3 pages


Which one you wants to go for the next page… check that page for the next page


you can configure the extraction wizard from data scraping and ignore the paging part or let page the inner pages


  • surround the extract data (generated from wizard) with for each activities and implement the different paging

  • the new looped extracted data can be merged to existing data with the merge datatable activity

I can’t understand how to achieve this?

can you confirm following:

Bot should start with 1 of 3 and extract 1of 18, 2 of 18 … 18 of 18
then Bot should page to 2 Of 3 and extract 1of 18, 2 of 18 … 18 of 18


yes, but the no.of pages may be dynamic