Extract a word from a paragraph and insert it in the same WORD document

As it is a confidential document, I have provided a dummy text as an example.


I would like to extract the word continuous and put it beside commercial in the same WORD document.

Please help me with this. thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @zefang,
You can do this with at least two ways:

  1. Use Send Hotkey activity with “CTRL + F” to open “Find” and then Type Into activity with word you are searching for. Then hotkey for ctrl+c etc…
  2. Get text from Word and keep it in string variable and filter it with Matches activity with proper Regex expression.
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@Pablito thank you for your reply! But both the words are just examples. What I meant is I need to extract “Continuous” which is not a unique word in the paragraph AND commercial is not a unique word as well. So i can’t simply type into at the commercial location.

Sorry that I didnt make it very clear

Hi @zefang

Could you explain a bit the process of finding out the correct word? If it is a word between other two words, it would be easy to use some regex to do so.
However, there has to be a process we could follow to be able to automate it :slight_smile:

Below is an example where I am trying to get the user name value i.e. PAVAN from the program which will always comes after the string "User Name : ".

Example :

“Please reset below user account password :
Environment : XX1
User Name : PAVAN
Email Address : pavan.shah@123.com

Could you guide please.

Hi @pavshah

To extract simple strings, you can for example user regex expressions. Have a look at these topics and the answers provided, it will surely help you out :slight_smile:

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