External api call using Oauth 2 token in Uipath

Hi All,

For the first time I am using oauth 2 token from external call in UiPath. I have received client ID and secret key from external application .
1.Which UiPath activity should use to key these details to generate token because I do not find oAuth 2 design field under Http request activity.
2. My understanding from this use case is after generating the token and use that token using HTTP activity to call api. Let me know if this is incorrect or do not work.
3.As the token will refresh every 30 hours , can i set this token as asset in Orchestrator and re-set when ever new token has been generated in step -1.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Rajna
You can use dynamic end point by using the Assign actvity
Refer to this thread you may get some idea

Hi Gokul ,

Thanks for the response . But the query is to call api using oauth2 token generation . please see the image .

i find this post helpful for the issue I faced. Tagging here incase someone needs