Dynamic endpoint in HTTP Request

I am passing parameter in endpoint however PUT method is not working and if i hardcode the Subsid1 as Sub166156 then PUT is working there, Please suggest the solution

Try to append the string.

Assign the start of the URL string to a variable.

Then create a new (or multiple) string variable (this will be dynamic) and in the end create the final URL string that will append the initial string with your other variable/variables.


finalURLString = initialURL + variable1 + variable2…

Let us know if this helped.

how can I update the FinalURLString in endpoint, i am not able to find any way to update the same in endpoint, please suggest.

Assign 1:

initialURL = "https://www.google.com/search?q="


Assign 2:

variableToSearch = "marian%20platonov"


Assign 3:

finalURL = initialURL + variableToSearch


Don’t configure the dynamic URL in the Configure Editor. Leave it empty. Then you can configure manually the HTTP Request activity Properties section.

Example and results:

Thank you, i will try and let you know

In addition to Marian’s input also take a note on the String.Format method. It allows us to bring the variable within the URL in a more readable form




String.Format("https://abc.com?q.where=SubsID%20%3D'{{{0}}}'", strSubID)

{0} is telling, where to place the variable
as we do need { and } within the string we have to escape it to {{ and }}
that why it is resulting to {{ {0} }}


any update bro?

Thank you Marian :slight_smile:
It is working fine for me

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