How to setup OAuth2 Token Generation in UiPath

Hi team,
I have done a API request in Postman that contains some body and Authorization using OAuth2.
I need to setup the same in UiPath using a HTTP request.
For generating OAuth2 Token there are the values that we are passing in Postman:
Header Prefix = Bearer
Grant Type : Client Credentials
Access Token URL = xxxxxxxxxx
Client ID = xxxxxxxx
Client Secret = xxxxxxxxx
Client Authentication = Send as Basic Auth Header

I need to generate the same token in UiPath. can u help me in this

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You can check this link of how to get token for accesing orchestrator API


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Thanks for replying. See this is not regarding the orchestrator API calls. I am trying to access SailPoint, a tool used for creating groups. For that i am facing the issue. We are using the HTTP Request activity.

Issue Fixed.
Body format: application/json
In Parameters, pass key: grant_type ; Value : client_credentials.
Pass Client ID and Client Secret as Simple Authentication username and password.

Here the parameters will be encoded and taken as urlencoded format.

I hope this will work. :slight_smile:

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