Expression editor off window


This is a critical question but it has been nagging me. whenever i open the expression editor for a given activity it opens half way off my screen and I have drag it back fully on my screen to hit the ok or cancel button. how do i get it to just open fully on my screen?

That’s the usual behavior for opening the expression editor. There is also a maximize button in the upper right of the window, but once you close it, you’ll have to maximize it again the next time you open it.

It’s a bit tedious if your expression is larger than the size of the window, but right now, that’s the only way to make more of it visible.

no its not that the expression itself is to large for the window. my entire expression editor pop up box is half way off my computer screen everytime i open it. like the right half of the expression editor is off the screen. I have to drag it back fully on my screen to see the buttons on the right hand side of it.

give a try on following as editor memorize its size

  • open expression editor
  • currently the editor is too lage on width, move the editor to left
  • resize the editor to be less wide
  • type something in and click ok

Open expression editor again. Now it should open with smaller width and ok button should be clickable directly

@josh.cusack - have you tried active window activity? if not pls try - it might help you…

thanks that fixed it

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