Is there a way to always keep the fields where I write expressions maximized?


I was wondering if there is a way to always be able to seel my expressions in their full length?

UiStudio crops them like this: Capture
and I have to open it again in Advanced Editor to see it.

It’s not very convenient.

Thanks in advance!

by moving your cursor on it you can see the complete expression.

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You mean by hovering over it? Yeah, but I’d like to always be able to see all expressions in their full length.

All the time* I mean.

Like I’m used to in Java or C# or other programming languages.

yes, by hovering

no i don’t think so there is any such option

one way of doing it is : keeping the same text as annotation and dock it.

off course this is not what annotations are made for but as long as we are making use of it as per our convenience is all that matters.

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