Expression Editor Default Size



A minor idea but would it be possible to have the expression editor window default to a larger size or save the re-sized details into registry so it loads with your preferred size instead of having to re-size every time I edit some script / text


James, Andrew April 20, 2016 17:53 PLANNED

Is there any option to change or configure the Expression Editor Box Size
Possibility to save UIpath Studio window layout - variables properties editors
Sizing of Edit SQL box
Sizing of Edit SQL box
Sizing of Edit SQL box

Up. Added to the backlog.
Mihai Badita April 20, 2016 17:58


Could we also have it so that there was an option to have the text wrap inside the expression editor window or there was at least a scroll bar?

Daniel Morgan May 03, 2016 17:57


Assuming that the window size issue will be resolved I think it will be a better idea in terms of readability if you separate the VB.NET code on multiple lines by using the “_”?

Mihai Badita May 05, 2016 20:34


When editing an Execute NonQuery or Query it would be nice if the extended size box didn’t shrink when you click in the box to edit. I see the whole query then it shrinks and we have to resize every time. Is there a setting to adjust?