Expression editor and multiline strings

Hello everyone and sorry if this post is a duplicate, but I am struggling with that for a long time and still could not find the answer.

I am bit confused how to pass a string containing variables and double quotes into expression editor if the expression is on more than one lines? Example:

This works just fine
““This is string” + variableOne”
This works just fine too
“This is multiline
But for example this doesn´t work
“This is multiline
String” + StringOne

So what is the best way how to put for example this statement in the editor (the real statement is much much longer)?

WHERE VarCondition
AND VarAnotherCondition
ORDER BY VarSorting

The idea is to have a nice an readable expression while using SQL statements or Jsons, that are usually quite large and more lines.
I think that if you end each line with double quote and + the editor lets you save it, but with larger statements it could get a bit messy.
Other solution is to prepare the statements in variable just in one line and use it after, but still this solution does not seem right.

Would be grateful for any tips how to deal with multi lines expression including double quotes and variables.
Cheers, Eduard.

How it is related to RPA ?

Forgot to mention that I am trying to do the expression in UiPath.
Sorry for confusing you.

Still details are not enough, not clear what exactly you want do ?

I want to put this in string expression the way it is on more than one lines, when all json parameters are changed dynamically:

“runbookId”: “RPAupdateActivity”,
“data”: {
“ticketNumber”: “123”,
“status”: “aaa”,
“type”: “bbb”,
“description”: “bbb”

As of now it is not possible for dynamic values, you have to write them in a single line

Not happy to hear that but thank you for the answer.


Will this idea work for you ?

Actually I was looking for a way how to write a string in more lines including variables without putting double quotes and + at the end of each single line, something like this:
when only way I know about is (validation error is caused by non declared variable named “variableName”):

did you find any solution?