Multi line VB expression editor

The VB editor on Uipath is a pain when it comes to complex code. This due to the fact that it all has to be 1 line code.

Instead of:

I would love to be able to do this:
image (or better formatted :slight_smile:)

Something in the lines of a Notepad++ with expression recognition would be totally awesome!

Try using the “Invoke code activity” for big chunks of code.
If you have multiple assigns or just a big line of code it can be much easier to follow and debug.

Even if we had multi-line support in the Assign activity, you still would need to open it to see all your code. Invoke Code has you covered, as already suggested:


@alin.ferenczi @redlynx82 I get your point. But what is wrong with multi line support on the rest of the items (not only assign). All activities that support a expression editor should have multi line support imho. And im not talking about huge amounts of code, just a simple assign like above would be more readable without having to use invoke code activities. For non-programmers the readability of stringing together a few strings and new lines and other basic stuff would make it more fun.

The fact that the expression editor is a multi line window instead of just a single line would suggest it can use those lines and not only to mock-up your code and deleting all the enters afterwards :slight_smile:

Hey, UiPath (VB.Net expression editor) do support multi-line code. This can be achieved using a line-continuation character (not aware of the technical name, though!).

As Microsoft document states,

Use the line-continuation character, which is an underscore ( _ ), at the point at which you want the line to break. The underscore must be immediately preceded by a space and immediately followed by a line terminator (carriage return).

Example with the Assign activity:

Hope this helps :)))


Hi @Dominic
Yes that does help indeed. @ClaytonM has pointed this out to me as well.
But is it to weird to ask for just a multi-line editor? in above case it would just mean to replace an “Enter” within the code with " _ " (or just ignore new lines)

Maybe my understanding was incorrect about the tooling within Uipath. I assumed it was custom build interface to support a standard logic framework. But if the “VB.Net expression editor” is indeed a “snippet” used from a different framework i understand its hard to modify.

The behavior seems to be from basic expression editor (even in other platforms). Not sure if this idea has to be implemented by UiPath dedicatedly.

Hi @MickeyFireMouse

It is not easy, but our team is working on some improvements to the entire Expression Editor (which go beyond just the new line).

The new line is not allowed by VB, but one workaround would be to indeed inject the _ whenever it is allowed (which isn’t always the case, I think).

I guess I have to say - stay tuned!


This is marked as completed.
Could you pls indicate how and in which version?

Perfect, I look forward to it!

I am also just looking for an option “Word Wrap” for the Editor. Similar to the setting in Windows’ Notepad (Format → Word Wrap). Something which you can toggle on or off depending on how you need to read the text at that moment.

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