FEATURE REQUEST: Someone on UiPath IIS Screen it constantly shows the TZ Clock Value of Orchestrator

This would be a help when Orchestrator is set to GMT TZ and you are comparing your desktop clock to the Orchstrator clock value. This would be hugely helpful when you are in the Automations Logs of a specific Job Log display looking for some specific block of logs entries.

Hi @riverrat437

Could you maybe offer a screenshot of how you would see it (it would help in visualising of your request)? :slight_smile:

Sorry but adding to this … what about a dropdown next to the Orchestrator clock indicator which let’s you select the TZ you want to the log entries displayed in ?

So if Orchestrator is GMT TZ and you want to see the log entries shown in EST or CST, etc. That would be hugely helpful as well.

Thanks for the mockups and even more ideas, I’ve added them to our internal tracker for future consideration.

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