Export Transaction Output from Queue

I have a project in which I used the queue to do large scale data gathering using multiple bots through orchestrator. I had the scraped data put into the output for the transaction, but now I do not know how to get that data out of the transaction’s “output data” and into a spreadsheet.
I specifically need it to pull the output data from each Successful transaction, add it to a datatable, and then write the datatable to a csv.
The “specificContent” method does not seem to work.
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Thank you, @Divyashreem, for the response. However, I’m not trying to read the contents of and excel spreadsheet. I am trying to put the output data from the transaction queue into an excel spreadsheet.

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Specific Content method should work! What error is it giving?
Use a get transaction item activity…in the queue name pass the name of queue,
Then using thatvariable.SpecificContent(“Name”) you should get your information!

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@Niket_Ghai, thank you for your response. The reason I cannot use “get transaction item” is because I am trying to get the output out of completed transactions that are set to “success,” and therefore when I try “get transaction Item,” it gives me an error that there are no transaction items to read. If I try to use “get queue item” with the SpecificContent command it tells me that SpecificContent is not a part of an IEnnumerable type.

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@Idcarson, I had the same problem when trying to use older version of UiPath. To solve this, you need to update UiPath to the version where UiPath.Core.Activity package will be extended to the activities as per attached:

Then you can use activity “Get Queue Items” and filter the result by the QueueItemStates as per attached:

Get Queue Items activity post is correct, but it is limited to the first 100 records in the queue. How do you loop through all items at successful status in a queue?