Export the log file as csv file

Hello everyone,

I actually need to get the logs of the day in a csv format. I know there is a log file on the computer and I also know that there is a button that can download directly the orchestrator logs in csv format. Question is, how should I do to automate that ? I have no idea how I should do it either from local log file or by calling orchestrator API. I would like to have your opinion about this, which one is likely better to do.

Hope uipath community could help me on it !
Thanks guys

Use the Write CSV activity to write your log data (stored in a datatable) to a CSV file.

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You should only do by using the API, if you want to make adjustments to the log files before having them as CSV, if you think this will too much trouble, consider automating the orchestrator ui instead…

If you are interested in ALL the logs generated on the computer regardless to the processes you could modify your NLog configuration to setup a new target and rule. With this you could also have it rotate your log by data, etc.


How can we read a log file that is generated by only UIpath and put the start and end of the each BOT into a excel file

I am trying to manually export orchestrator logs to csv file. Everyone is saying that there is an export button but I cannot see it. Can someone please share screenshot of that?