UiPath Studio Logs to excel

Hi Team,

Is there any way we can extract the UiPath studio logs in the same format we see in the orchestrator? Right now I am testing this to a community version without Orchestrator. I want these logs in excel.

Hi @shekharRpaUi

in the logs tab there is a button called export, it will give all the logs in excel format


@fernando_zuluaga, I know that
but I wanted to know, is there any way we can do it without Orchestrator? Right now I am not using Orchestrator.

i don’t think that it is possible to get in the same format, logs are created as txt file locally, you can create your own logs or create excel files from that txt files



We there is no direct way to get logs from studio…

You can use orchestrator api’s and create your own report in the same format



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