Explorer Expert - mask key strokes for password forms

Currently, when we are doing a capture it will capture all key strokes in a process. However, I thought we were able to mask passwords for login forms? After you stop recording, you can see the entries when you click on a process before you export.

What are our options? We don’t want users having to expose or export their login credentials

You must use the Secure Type Into to mask the password, and the password variable must be stored in a SecureString datatype.

?? @Anthony_Humphries Those instructions are for within UiPath Studio.

This topic is related to the Explorer Expert tool.

Let me know if I am not understanding something.

Hello @lestermendoza!

Task Capture processes all the keyboard inputs in the same way and can’t recognize whether it was password or some another keyboard input. That is why it can’t mask or blur sensitive data automatically. We’re considering the improving of recognition login and password forms in the future to enable such functionality, but at this point, the only solution is to remove all the recognized inputs of login, passwords, etc. manually. The keyboard inputs are being automatically pasted into the ‘Step Description’ field, which is then used during the export. Which means that if some of the keyboard inputs shouldn’t be included in the exported PDD file, they have to be removed manually from the Step Description, where they appear.
Another thing I want to mention is an edit of the screenshots. In case there is some login or another data you want to hide, you can use the ‘Blur’ tool from the top toolbar of the ‘Image Editor’ page.
Please feel free to ask any questions.