Security Issue in UiPath Task Capture • Version 2020.4

Add feature to identify password controls in the application so that masked values are written in generated documents using uipath task capture. As of now as is password value is getting fetched and creating a security issue.

Hi @anshul.bansal

Would you mind if I move this private message public to our User Voice category to keep track of your feature suggestion? :slight_smile:

Yeah sure . I believe my name will reflect there as an identifier of this issue.

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Hi @anshul.bansal

I dug around and apparently it is a tricky feature to add. In general, Task Capture is a tool to document, and it is against best practices of use of the tool to record the passwords with it.

Instead, you should pause the recording at the step of entering the password.

Having said that, our team will continue to explore what can be done in this matter :slight_smile:

This is a great question - we have PII masking enabled for capturing for Assisted Task Mining so I recommend trying that if this is an issue for your use of Task Capture.