Explorer Expert feature requests

  • Standalone/portable version: As a recorder I want to launch the latest binary from a website or share so I don’t have to involve IT for installation and save time
  • Secure recording: As a recorder I don’t want my username and password to be recorded for security reasons so it won’t be shared with others
  • Merge sequences: As an editor I want to merge sequences in case they belong together e.g. asterisk added to window title
  • Split sequences: As an editor I want to split a sequence into multiple ones to create more business logic aligned sequences
  • Move screenshots: As an editor I want to move screenshots between sequences to better align them to the business logic
  • Multilingual documents: As a recorder and editor I want my texts (names, titles, descriptions) to be automatically translated into a secondary language so I can share it directly with a foreign language business analyst or developer
  • BPMN support: As the CoE I want all process descriptions/recordings to be standardized according to the latest BPMN standard for common understanding, reuseability and automation
  • Edit smart data: As an editor I want to correct wrongly captured smart data about the process statistics (execution time, number of steps, text entries etc.)
  • More application details: As the CoE I want more details about the used application and operating system like name, version, 32/64 bit to gain a better understanding of dependencies and possible reuseability
  • Automatically save to repository: As a recorder I don’t want to care about saving to a repository, exporting, sharing, versioning which should be done by the application automatically in the background
  • Complete mandatory metadata: As the CoE I want all recordings with completed and meaningful title, author, description fields to eliminate additional work

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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