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I need a easy explanation on Analayze file in uipath studio like

What is Analayze project?
What is validate file??
What is valdiate project?
What is workflow analyzee setting???

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Hi @siva_sankar

Analyze project - it will check the entire project for any violation of predefined rules and if any it will give those list (like there are some predefined variables naming convention, default activity names, minimum log messages, hard coded delays etc)

you can find the json for these rules in this path,


Validate file - as the name suggests it will find if any validation in the current opened xaml file (validation error comes when the required value is not provided for the activity, syntax errors etc)

Validate Project - same as above but validate the same for entire project (all the xaml’s)

Workflow analyzer setting - an interface used to change the analyzer settings (we can change as per our need) which we can also do by changing the json file i mentioned earlier.

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Let me try to frame it in a simple way

Analyse project -
check project for validation errors and workflow analyser violations

Validate file -
check the current opened file in design panel for validation errors

Validate project -
Checks the entire project for validation error

Note - validation means it will check for any miss in mandatory properties or input value in any of activities like we get a blue symbol na
That one it will validate either on file level or project level

Workflow analyser settings -
Here we must know first what is workflow analyser and

Workflow Analyzer is a static code analyzer that ensures your project meets high quality and reliability standards. A static code analyzer checks for inconsistencies without actually executing the project, as opposed to dynamic analyzers which step in during execution.

Workflow Analyzer uses a set of rules to check for various inconsistencies unrelated to project execution. The rules are based on Automation Best Practices and take into consideration variable and argument naming, empty sequences or workflows, package restrictions, and so on. The analyzer does not identify errors in execution or compilation.

Hope this clarifies

Refer this doc for more detailed explanation

Cheers @siva_sankar

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Now I understand everything in that process
Thanks to make this concept clearly

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