Custom Workflow Analyzer rules for all developers

How to customize Workflow Analyzer rules for all developers at global level by adding the external assembly (.dll)? How is this created?

have a look here:

it is recommended to open the video inside youtube as the quality is little bit low and else the code lines are hard to read

Interesting but since we don’t use Visual Studio, I don’t see a way to create rules and deploy to all UiPathStudio developers.

Is there no UiPath tool for editing and deploying Workflow Analyzer rules?

this was the official link for creating Custom Workflow Analyzer rules
more down in the section it is described on how to add Rules on project/global level
on the documentation page related to the Workflow Analyzer it is described on how to configure / use the rules

And that’s it.

If you feel your needs are not covered and some good features are missed out then use following link and submit your ideas:

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