Rule based approach

Hi Everyone,
I am very new to UiPath studio, got training on basic projects in uipath studio, documents understanding etc.
My query is in my organization I have assigned a project in which my client is required working me on Rule based approach. She always says there are in built rules and we can create too. I have gone through lots of tutorials but found creating rules through workflow analyzer using C# ( also I have never used C#)
Can someone help me out in this what exactly is inbuilt rules in uipath and rule based approach


For building new rules you have to follow this which yes requires some c#

and to modify the existing rules(In built Rules)

go to the file in this path and inside you can modify few rules depending on what you need like can give regex or other rule changes


Check this for basic unerstanding


Thank you @Anil_G, will explore on this.

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