Terminate Workflow Popup

Hi Team,

I do not need the popup to be shown with “Terminate Workflow” activity
I have used Try catch and used Throw activity in the catch and the popup is not showing.
But I do not need to move to the next workflow in the main.xaml

Any suggestions on how to handle this isssue?


Hi @Teenu,

Terminate workflow activity is used when you want to terminate ur process, if you want to continue when their is an error why are you using terminate flow activity

Sorry it was written wrong in the previous post

I do not want to continue the process. I use throw activity not to show the popup but still it invokes the next workflow in the main.xaml

Refer the below post for reference

Can you provide your workfow?

I have used flow chart and has done it based on the condition
Using try catch solves the issue of hiding the popup but it still invokes the next workflow in the main.xaml

Basically in your workflow you are saying its hiding the popup of Terminate Workflow but in your case it is never going to terminate workflow activity, its getting faulted in Throw activity that’s why its going to the next steps in Main.

You can debug this and check

See Terminate workflow activity will give the popup, its not from the robot its for the user to provide some information about the end.

Hi Anil,

I still face this issue.

I have to invoke two workflows. After executing the first workflow and if it doesn’t satisfy a condition (not any exception) then it has to terminate workflow and should not execute second workflow . And I do not require the “Automatic popup” by Terminate workflow here.

Can you please help

Hi @Teenu

U have two option for ur problem

  1. one is put terminate workflow in Workflow one to avoid popup error put try catch for main.xaml
    2.otherwise u have to Pass a variable from workflow one …based on u can put decision box in main.xaml(note: variable show continue the 2 workflow or not)

Notes: if u are running from orchestrator u don’t get any Pop Up