Exists in Collection activity

I’m trying to create a loop where the the Bot screen scrapes data and does an action if it matches certain criteria. Up to that point, I’m good, however, I need to incorporate criteria so that the Bot does not try to do the same action over and over again. Basically, if it performed an action to a particular item, when it loop backs to the beginning, do not do the same one again since it will still come up in the screen scraping step. What I was thinking is to write the data to a collection and use the “Exists in Collection” as a validation so that it does not try to do the same one again if it matches what is in the collection. Is this the right approach or is there a better way to accomplish this?

You have to do one of the two things.

When you scrape the first time, you get all the items. In the loop, after you process each one of them you should go back to the screen where you scraped the data from and update the status of the item you processed and refresh the screen so that it does not show up on the screen again. And when you scrape the screen again, the item will be automatically not appear in the collection.

If refreshing the screen and rescraping is not an option, you may have to add the items you processed to another collection. And before you process each item, you may have to check the processed collection to see if that item exists. And if does, do not process it.