Execution error : System.Exception: Specified package doesn't exist

I am using UiPath Studio 2017.1.6522 and Orchestrator 2017.1.6522.
I have published a package and uploaded it in the Orchestrator Packages.
I’m getting the below error while trying to run the job.


If I use a previously ulpoaded package, it works fine.

Is there any issue with the package that I published recently?
I’m not able to update the package from the UiPath Robot tray as well.
Please help,

Hi @kavyashreeh22,
You need to check the dependencies. It might occur that some of them require newest version of Studio/Orchestrator/Robot. To be honest I suggest to upgrade yours :slight_smile:

It was working fine all this while. but y is the issue appearing only now?

Hmmm maybe firewall or proxy is blocking connection for package download. Please check that.

I removed the process from the Processes tab, cleared all the inactive packages and deployed the process again freshly. It’s working fine now. Not sure how. Thanks

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