Execute macro in O365 using uipath

How to execute a macro in O365 enabled desktop.

Kindly help.

What does that mean? Execute macro is something which needs to be used inside excel application scope, do you think office 365 will affect that execute macro activity?

O365 is a feature of accessing mails, excels and other MS products from cloud.
I believe “Execute macro” requires excel to be installed in the desktop.

usually we got two options to do this
either with EXECUTE MACRO or with INVOKE VBA

both can be used only when we have excel installed
and the main difference is execute macro will run the macro in excel file while invoke vba will execute a exteranl vb script in a excel

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So this means, Macro button cannot be accessed with O365 cloud version.

why not it can be
we need to open the file in foreground and then we can press on it with a click
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whole MS product have been uninstalled and the outlook, excel and word are been used form oO365 cloud.
So when i using the execte macro inside the excel application scope, it throws error.

can you tell how to do this “we need to open the file in foreground and then we can press on it with a click” in my scenario.

Fine i thought like the macro is made like a button inside the excel file and we need to click on to it to get that macro executed
ah…so may i know what was the error you were getting

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Actually Macro was made like a button inside the excel file. PFA, image.
My Bot has to click that Upload Check button.

Can you tell me how to do that ?

Then this would work
to open a file in foreground we can mention the filepath in START PROCESS activity that will get us the excel to foreground
once after the excel is visible in foreground we can use click activity to click on to that button we need
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Can you help me with an example. Just a simple workflow, which would be useful to understand the concept you mentioning.