Invoke VBA/Macro unavailable in Office 365 activities. Can we use "Script" option under "Automate" tab?


As a workaround for Invoke Macro/VBA can we have an activity to use Scripts in O365?



Just to confirm, is this request for Office 365 activities and not for (Desktop) Excel?


yes, that is correct. Only Office 365 is available in the machine

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. For now, we don’t have this kind of activity but, we will take it as an insight.

Can you give us some examples of what would you like to achieve using Macro/VBA Script and how would you want to use it?


@AlexCrijman , we need a way to execute actions that are not available in out-of-the-box in UiPath activities but can be run via macro in Office 365. I though “Script” can be a viable option to do the same in Office 365(I have not yet explored the “Script” completely).
Some of the operations we were trying to implement are - subtotal, fill down, sort, color cells, etc. Since all were not possible to be automated in Office 365, we had to go with Office installation(not the ideal option when we have O365) with macro code.