Execute Macro in Excel - Need Help with Selectors

Hello All,

I’m executing a macro in Excel Application Scope. Normally, when the macro starts, it pops-up a window in Outlook, at which point I’d select a sub-folder under “Send Items” and the macro would finish running. Below is the window that appears in outlook. When I try to use “click Activity” to select the arrow that drops down the “Sent Items” menu, the activity can’t identify the arrow, so I can’t drop down the contents of that box and select my temp folder. Any suggestions on what other activity i can use that would recognize the arrow and be able to click on it?

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Please just do not select arrow for click because their are multiple arrows. just select sent item with your double click activity and check with UIexplorer with stable selectors. I am not aware with the behavior so if double click will select the entire sent item folder then use click image and just select the image part for image click


Thank you for the quick reply. Can you please elaborate on the last part, after I use the click activity to select “Sent Items”? Do I click on “Open in UIExplorer”, like below? If so, then what?

it was just for selectors.
try and check it is working or not. sent item double click also work to open the drowdown? try and let me know

Yes, I am able to select the “Sent Items” option. I can’t double click it though, as that will select the entire folder, not when I only want “TEMP” folder under “Sent Items”.

Hi ,
use relative click(Click image activity).
Grab image of sent item and indicate click on arrow option .

Thank you, @ddpadil and @aksh1yadav! I was able able to grab the “Sent Items” folder using a click and then used the CursorPosition to offset the Y coordinate by x value. This way it clicked on the arrow instead of the menu option. Thanks again!

Cool .
I assume you manually given offset x/y value .
If you used click image it will set the cursor position offset automatically .:wink:

Forgot something ?:joy::joy:

@aksh1yadav and @ddpadil, any ideas on how I can copy items from my inbox in outlook to another sub-folder under my inbox? There isn’t an activity that currently exists to copy items over, only move them. I know I’m off topic now, but since I have you both here, i figured I’d ask. Thank you!!

You have already created a post on this . :slight_smile:
it’s quite handy solution what vinay said.

It’s working fine(can’t retrieve the mail format though).
what’s the trouble your facing?

Yes, though he suggested to use that as a last resort. I assume you mean sending the email to myself and then moving to subfolder, right? Unfortunately I don’t own this mailbox. I am only able to move and copy things within that mailbox. I would like another solution, if its possible! I don’t mean to bypass that post, but simply ask since you two kind gentlemen were responding so quickly!

Oh cool then.
I think of 2 way as of now.
Approach 1

  • On the Home tab, click Create New in the Quick Step window.
  • Choose the copy option
  • selector folder you want to copy
  • then choose your shortcut key
  • then use send hotkey activity to pass the shortcut.

Approach 2:(SendHotKey)

  • Copy the mail item (ctl+c)

  • To select folder (Ctl+y)

  • paste the mail item (ctl+v)

Is it? I am not able to get this point. Will you be so kind to describe more @ddpadil?

Thanks, I will try approach #2!

amigo you need to Tun On the “Cool” mode .:joy:

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Question for approach 2. I am actually picking up my emails using Get Outlook Mail and then using a for each to get individual items (emails) based on who they are from. From here, how can I identify these emails for SendhotKey Activity?

Since I already have the “Foreach ‘Email’ in ‘Messages’” created, can I just use “Email” variable as the selector in SendHotKey? Don’t know how I’d format that in the selector property though. Thanks!

Never mind, I used parts of both approaches plus some other stuff. Thx!

Good for you.
Happy automation :slight_smile: