Execute cmd commands from Uipath


I need to kill a task fron Uipath but I know how I con do that

the best way will be without open the cmd console but if Someone knows how can I do that I don mind if the console is opened or not.


Hi @Lucky0906, there is an activity called “kill process” where you can mention the process name to kill it. Example if you wanna close all browsed page from internet explorer just give “iexplore” in process name



I tried that but the process is not killed ,


Hi @Lucky0906 can you share ur workflow / screenshot of your xaml if it’s not confidential?


Hello, I am wrong
I write the process name as “javaw.exe” and I saw thet It must be only “javaw”



Ha fine @Lucky0906 , I should have reminded you ! Anyways wishes to you :slight_smile: