Kill desktop application process

Hello Guys,

I want to kill a desktop process. I tried it using ‘Kill process’ Activity.

I entered ‘.exe’ file for that desktop application. But it failed to kill that desktop application.

Can you guys please help me to find which name i have to put to kill the process in KILL PROCESS acivity.

Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Jawahirani

Open CMD box and use “tasklist” to lookup the proper name you want to kill.

Hi @Rahul_Jawahirani

Open Task manager and right click on the application you want to kill Then go to properties and copy the exact name of the application.

For example: I want to close the notepad application. I’m using kill process activity, under ‘Process Name’ give the application name copied from task manager properties.


Note: don’t give .exe


Hi! You could open the task manager and there you can find which name has your process

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