Exchange mail Activities are missing from latest on premise studio 2022.4.1

I recently installed latest version of studio 2022.4.1 in my on premise server.
After creating a new process with Windows Compatibility (see image below) rather than Windows-Legacy.

Now I cannot find exchange mail activities in the activity panel.

Could someone help how to get exchange mail messages without it.

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Please check the dependency: Microsoft Exchange Webservices 2.2.0
In addition, check the version of (.Net Framework 4.6.1)

Or from manage packages download (exchange.mail.activity)

Did you ever end up with a solution to this? I’m having the same problem today with Exchange activities missing. I did manually add the suggested Webservices package and checked my .net version. No luck.

Checking in to see if a solution has been found? I have the same issue.

You have to have the correct package (dependency) installed. You may also need to select “show classic” in the activities panel filter.

Dear Paul,

Could you please share some screen shot with the process.
I am unable to find “Show Classic” in the activity filter.

also note it is the newer version of process “Windows”

exchange mail message is still present in “Windows Legacy” . but it is getting depreciated.

You don’t have your project set to modern, so all you’ll see is classic unless you check the “Show Modern” box.

Its there now a solution?

Same solution as before - use Windows Legacy. I’m guessing this package doesn’t have a version for Windows compatibility yet.