Exception of type "System.Exception" was thrown

Hello, I’m trying to run my script but it is constantly throwing errors while it’s executing.

These are the errors:

“Exception of type “System.Exception” was thrown”


“Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program.”

Do you guys have some suggestion to solve one of this problems?

this is depending on the details of your implementation / modellings

Please share some more details with us on what was done

The robot has to log in a desktop app, take some infos from PDFs and analyze the infos. It uses document understanding to read the PDF and after reading it automatically deletes the PDF.

In the development server it works fine, but in the production it’s throwing this errors.

we would recommend to check which activity / step is throwing the exception and then investigate more on this e.g. more RAM needed for DU tasks.

A we only have a very general info on the implementation, we also can give only a general feedback.

Sometimes it happens in a click activity, use application activity and in a get text activity.

I don’t think it is the RAM, the server have 64GB and it uses approximately 6GB RAM when it’s running.
But in the other hand, the CPU usage it’s almost 100%.

I will investigate it more and try to get more information. Thanks for the reply.